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Cary Motorcycle Accident Attorney Drew Haywood

Motorcycle accidents are generally more severe than car accidents. In fact, 98% of multi vehicle motorcycle accidents result in injuries. This is largely because motorcycle riders don’t have as much protection from impact. It’s not uncommon to see paralysis, broken bones, loss of limbs, traumatic brain injuries, and in the worst cases, death; following a motorcycle accident. The Cary car accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Drew Haywood understand the complexities of motorcycle accidents. We know how severe motorcycle accident injuries can be and we will fight to make sure you get compensation for your current medical bills as well as future medical expenses. We will help understand and protect your rights, while making sure that you are fairly compensated for any damages that have resulted from your accident.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Cary Nc

Do You Need To Hire a Motorcycle Attorney in Cary NC?

Not every motorcycle accident results in injuries and if you are involved in a minor accident that didn’t cause injuries there’s a good chance that insurance will take care of compensating you fairly. If you did sustain injuries in the accident, things get a bit more tricky. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always have your best interests at heart and they try to settle for a small amount as quickly as possible. Because many motorcycle accident victims have mounting medical bills and lost wages, even a small amount of money may seem like a relief, however after you accept an offer, you may not be entitled to further compensation. Because motorcycle accidents can cause such severe injuries, you need to take into account future medical bills, physical therapy, and psychological therapy. At The Law Office of Drew Haywood our Cary Motorcycle attorney can help make sure you are compensated fairly for any of the following that may apple to your specific situation:

  • Lost wages
  • Current Medical Bills
  • Future Medical Expenses
  • Loss Of Limb/Disfigurement
  • Therapy
  • Temporary Disability
  • Permanent Disability
  • Pain & Suffering (in cases of gross negligence)
  • Other Damages Resulting From The Accident
  • Death of a Loved One.

It is important to contact a motorcycle accident attorney in Chapel Hill as quickly as possible as eyewitness accounts may start to fade. That means if you have been injured in a motorcycle, moped, scooter, or bicycle accident in Chapel Hill, you should contact Drew Haywood for a no-obligation consultation as soon as possible.

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Have you been injured in a motorcycle, bicycle, scooter, or moped accident in Cary? If so, talk to the motorcycle accident lawyer in Cary at the Law Office of Drew Haywood. Should you choose to have us represent your claim, we will fight to make sure you are fairly compensated for your injuries. Contact us online or give us a call at 919-525-1775 and speak to an actual motorcycle accident attorney in Cary.  You don’t pay us anything unless we win.

Drew Haywood is a motorcycle accident attorney in Cary who provides legal representation for individuals who were injured in motorcycle accidents caused by another party. If you live in Durham,, Raleigh, Wake Forest, Mebane, HillsboroughCary, Carrboro, Morrisville, Apex, Holly Springs, Chapel Hill, or anywhere else within the Triangle, contact us for a free, no-obligation, consultation.

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